Plumeria Gems

Flower Agate Hexagon bowl

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  • Born in   : Madagascar 
  • Chakra   : third eye 
  • Water     : Safe
  • Weigh     : 330 grams
  • Approx   : 3.8 inches 


Actual item you will receive pictured. Color may vary slightly due to lighting.


Flower Agate is an Agate with opaque Chalcedony inclusions, resembling floral formations. Discovered in 2018, it is a newly discovered crystal with strong personal growth energy. Predominantly pink with hues of brown and cream, Flower Agate is eye-catching and displays beautifully. Physical healing properties include calmness as well as stress and anxiety relief. Metaphysical Properties include power, passion, motivation and courage. Flower Agate is an excellent crystal to aid in meditation, keep in your workspace or common areas and boost self-care.